RESPONSIBILITY IS SEWN INTO EVERY PRODUCT WE SOURCE At indiCo, we stand by suppliers that have made responsible efforts toward enriching lives and respecting the world we live in.

indiCo Stamp of Approval

You can have confidence in how we source products because every supplier is “indiCo-Approved.” From comprehensive reviews to personally visiting factories, our Global Sourcing Team ensures that suppliers meet or exceed indiCo standards and requirements.

We consider multiple factors when verifying our international partner factories. We seek out manufacturers that are family-owned and operated, not state-operated, when possible. We want to find companies that understand our business and want to have a long-lasting relationship with us. We also follow the guidelines and code of conduct provided by the Fair Labor Association.

indiCo is registered with the Fair Labor Association as a Category C affiliate and is committed to upholding the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct in facilities producing its collegiate products. To learn more, visit www.fairlabor.org/affiliates/collegiate-licensees.

In addition to exceeding supplier requirements, indiCo also evaluates its product lines to ensure compliance with industry standards, including warning and labeling requirements. California Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”), for instance, is a warning label law that applies to all products offered for sale in CA (including products shipped to another state and later re-shipped to CA). If a product contains a chemical in excess of the Prop 65 limit, the product can still be sold in California provided a Prop 65 warning is attached to the product when it enters California.

We Develop Relationships.

Unlike some suppliers, our team personally visits each of our partner manufacturers. We engage in this way because we are looking for long-term business relationships with companies we can rely on. These face-to-face meetings help us learn about their environment, facilities and products on a more personal level. We believe it’s time well spent for the stores we serve.


We complete a comprehensive review of each company, including but not limited to:

  • - Background check by indiCo legal team in Asia
  • - Availability for an initial indiCo inspection and subsequent annual inspections
  • - Willingness to share business documents, compliance forms, and employment standards
  • - Working conditions of the staff
  • - Bathroom, dining, and/or housing facilities
  • - Factory organization structure, production process, facilities, machinery, quality control, safety equipment
  • - Environmental sensitivity to waste and spoilage
  • - Willingness to allow photographs and videos to be shared with our stores

indiCo expects all of its suppliers to comply with the applicable labor and environmental laws and regulations of the country where the merchandise is produced. We seek to utilize suppliers and factories who strive to achieve these standards and demonstrate a continuing commitment to the protection and improvement of workers’ rights, safety and the environment.

no high minimums


Similar to working with partner factories overseas, we explore sourcing opportunities with domestic suppliers as well. All suppliers must submit documentation that fulfills the standards described above, including a full company profile, code of conduct documentation and/or factory disclosures.

no high minimums


indiCo recognizes the important role our suppliers play in achieving our goal of being the independent store’s choice for general merchandise needs. We believe building strong supplier relationships allows us to ensure customer expectations and/or requirements are met for the success of our suppliers, our company and our stores.